Another Win To New Zealand Team

Thursday 17 June 2010, 8:16AM

By Badminton New Zealand


The New Zealand under 19 badminton team has continued its good form with a win over the New Zealand Associations team at the Lion Foundation Pan Pacific Series at the North Harbour Badminton Centre late Wednesday night.

New Zealand beat the Associations side eight matches to three as they try to win the tournament first time since 2005.

In the other day two match Australia were defeated by the Singapore Schools 5-6

Each tie in the Pan Pacific Championships consists of 11 matches overall; three men’s singles, three women’s singles, one men’s and women’s doubles and three mixed contests.

In Thursday’s matches New Zealand play Australia while the New Zealand Associations take on the Singapore Schools from 6pm all at North Harbour.

The Pan Pacific competition runs until Thursday 17 June and is followed by the Westpac New Zealand Junior International which all players from the Pan Pacific Series are playing in as well as a number of other New Zealand under19 players. Play starts in this event at 12 noon on Friday 18th Jun, 10am Saturday 19th with semi-finals at 5pm, finals commence 10am Sunday 20th.

Pan Pacific under 19 Badminton Series, North Harbour

Results (final scores).

New Zealand bt New Zealand Associations 8-3

(New Zealand names first)

Men’s singles: Asher Richardson bt Te Ao Kura Ormsby Van Selm 21-12 21-18

Men’s singles: Samuel Ho bt Shawn Zhang 21-23 21-10 21-19

Men’s singles: Evan Lee bt Benny Suen 15-21 21-11 21-8

Women’s singles: Victoria Cheng bt Susannah Leydon Davis 21-17 21-17

Women’s singles: Melissa Yin lt Lillian Shih 17-21 17-21

Women’s singles: Poh Lin Teo lt Carmen Yuen 15-21 8-21

Men’s doubles: Luke Charlesworth/Evan Lee bt Ormsby Van Selm/Maika Phillips 21-14 21-17

Women’s doubles: Mary O’Connor/Madeline Stapletoon bt Anona Pak/Aviva Pak 21-18 20-22 21-7

Mixed: Charlesworth/O’Connor bt Ormsby Van Selm/Leydon Davis 21-23 21-9 22-20

Mixed: Richardson/Stapleton bt Zheran Li/Aviva Pak 21-15 21-10

Mixed: Ho/Yin lt Zhang/Anona Pak 21-11 19-21 21-23

Australia lt Singapore – 5-6

(Australian names first)

Men’s singles: Jeff Beundia lt Gerald Ong 17-21 8-21

Men’s singles: Brendan Tieu lt Terry Hee 10-21 17-21

Men’s singles: Hu-Wen Chew bt Sean Lee 21-16 21-18

Women’s singles: Tara Pilven bt Fiona Seah 21-13 21-13

Women’s singles: Verdet Kessler bt Hui Min Cheong 21-15 21-13

Women’s singles: Jacquelin Guan lt Rui Ying Cheng 21-11 12-21 20-22

Men’s doubles: Matthew Chau/Tieu lt Ong/Terry Hee 15-21 21-18 13-21

Women’s doubles: Pilven/Louisa Ma bt Seah/Joeline Jet Ling Chua 21-1 14-21 21-14

Mixed: Matthew Chau/Ma lt Hee/Seah 11-21 18-21

Mixed: Beundia/Pilven lt Ong/Ling Chua 14-21 21-16 11-21

Mixed: Tieu/Kessler bt Kirk Dinsyl Lim/Hui Min Cheong 24-22 21-14.