Bodyneed Ponsonby Now Open Seven Days

Sunday 4 July 2010, 10:45PM

By Bodyneed Ponsonby - Auckland Physio and Massage Specialists



Bodyneed Ponsonby is now open seven days. 
For the past two years Bodyneed Ponsonby has enjoyed their new home at 27 Crummer Road.
They have also been busy expanding their services to their very loyal clients.
Bodyneed has always prided themselves by providing high quality sports and remedial masssage to thousands of happy clients.
Late last year physiotherapy was added to the mix as well as pilates mat classes.
One day Bodyneed decided to 'test the waters' to see if there was a market for quaility sports or remedial massage on 'everyone's day off' and the gamble has paid off.
"Sunday's are a day of relaxation, a day of rest, so many people are turning to Bodyneed to give them that extra time of 'me'" said Karen Finlayson director of Bodyneed.
"We are really enjoying this unique opportunity - so much so that we may have to employ further therapists including perhaps a physiotherapist for the weekends"
Four months ago they were only open Monday to Saturdays but the weekends started getting very full!
"One day we started getting requests for Sunday and we thought....why not? If that's what clients want...lets give it a go - lets test the waters"
Bodyneed currently have 12 massage therapists and 3 physiotherapists in their large boutique style clinic located at 27 Crummer Road.
They also have pilates classes most evenings and intend to expand on classes to bring high quality services to more people.
Karen went on to say; "Bodyneed is evolving and we want to make sure our clients get quality and service that is second to none - because the health industry has been lacking great service for such a long time"
So if Sunday is your day off - Bodyneed Ponsonby could be well worth the effort!
Check out their website for more details