Independent survey shows majority of Aucklanders unhappy with Super City transition

Tuesday 6 July 2010, 1:33PM
By Vote Colin Craig


An independent survey carried out by Research First has found that the majority of Aucklanders are unhappy with the transition into a Super City.

The survey found that 51 percent of those questioned did not support the Super City as it had been proposed- a number that grew to 67 percent in some areas in contrast to only 24.5 percent who supported the idea.

Papakura resident John Burnett is among the 66 percent of residents in his area who did not support the transition to a Super City, a concept that he see’s as being a costly mistake.

“I just can’t see where there is going to be a saving or how it will run Auckland more efficiently”.

Targeting voters from all corners of Auckland, the survey asked how they felt about the level of Government to public consultation so far, the quality of information provided about the transition and the possibility of a rates increase.

Only 15 percent of those surveyed felt that the Government consulted with them sufficiently on the idea of a Super City and North Shore businessman and Super City mayoral candidate Colin Craig says this is a bad way to get a Super City started.

“We need to build consensus in order for Auckland to make the most of the opportunities it has.”

A question regarding the use of referendums was also asked with 68 percent of respondents agreeing that they would like to see a referendum be held regarding the Super City.

“With only three months to go till election time, the survey shows clearly that more consultation with the public should be an integral part of decision making by the Super City”, says Mr Craig.

“If Auckland is going to be the successful city that it can be and realise its potential we are going to need to change the way that we do things with a much greater respect for the wishes of the voter. This is why I propose holding referendums and surveys so that if I am elected mayor of the new Super City, I am able to genuinely represent what Auckland wants.”

The independent survey took place from March 26-1 April earlier this year with a margin of error of 4% and questioned voters from the Rodney, North Shore, Waitakere, Auckland Central, Manukau, Papakura and Franklin districts.

Further information about the independent survey results can be found at

*Survey carried out by Research First 2010


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