Telecom set for August launch of Micro-SIMs

Friday 9 July 2010, 12:27PM
By Telecom New Zealand

From early August, Telecom will launch its own Micro-SIM cards, making it even easier for XT customers to use the latest Smartphone and notebook devices.

New mobile devices are using a smaller variation of the SIM cards found on current cellphones, and are known as a Micro-SIM.

Telecom spokesperson Paul Taylor says there is a demand for Micro-SIMs from XT customers.

“Our release of Micro-SIMs ensures that our customers can continue to use the country’s best mobile network on all current and future devices”.

Mr Taylor said that XT provides a compelling mobile broadband solution for New Zealanders, and Gen-i is seeing strong demand from clients keen to take advantage of Gen-i’s mobility solutions to add value to their businesses. As well as the addition of Micro-SIMs, there is also the 30 day risk-free trial and turbo charged speeds on the upgraded XT Network.

Telecom XT Micro-SIMs will be available from Telecom stores and dealers from early August. Business customers should contact their Gen-i client manager.