Overnight neighbourhood dispute in Te Awamutu leads to 4 arrests

Wednesday 21 July 2010, 8:18AM

By New Zealand Police



Four people were arrested and several weapons recovered after armed Police were called to an address after a simmering neighbourhood dispute boiled over in Te Awamutu overnight.

Sergeant Warren Shaw of the Te Awamutu Police said officers were first called to reports of fighting at a McGarry Ln home about 5.35pm.

"Officers attended a call of about 15 people involved in a fight however on their arrival those involved had dispersed and the occupants of the home were uncooperative with no party willing to make a complaint and no witnesses willing to speak to our staff."

"The dispute appears to have involved the occupants of two properties on the street and their associates."

Mr Shaw said the situation flared up again shortly before 10pm when one of the parties involved in the dispute has pulled up in a car outside the other groups home, allegedly armed with a variety of bats, an axe, chainsaw, rifle and handsaw.

"Police have been called but the car has driven off before our arrival. Members of the Waikato Armed Offenders Squad were called in to assist and cordons established to enable both properties to be searched.

"As the AOS secured the first address local Police spotted the vehicle of interest on a nearby street and all the weapons bar the firearm were recovered."

As the weapons and vehicle were being secured the ongoing search of the first house resulted in the recovery of a quantity of cannabis.

"As a result of this two people from the house and two of their associates were arrested for possession of weapons charges," said Mr Shaw.

"In addition to this one of the four was also charged for possession of cannabis and the group will be appearing in the Te Awamutu District Court later this month."