Independent Super City Mayoral Candidates Team Up To Take On 'Heavyweights'

Monday 9 August 2010, 2:26PM
By Vote Colin Craig


Super City mayoral candidate Colin Craig has found a new campaign supporter in former Waitakere councillor and comedian Ewen Gilmour.

Mr Gilmour has announced today that he is pulling out of the mayoral race and will be supporting businessman Colin Craig in his campaign to be the first Mayor of the Auckland Super City.

Mr Craig says that, while he is sorry to hear that Mr Gilmour is no longer campaigning for Mayor, he is more than pleased to have his support.

“I will be meeting with Mr Gilmour shortly to discuss the campaign further and talk about how we can ensure there is a mayoral candidate who will continue to be the advocate for change, for the people and for fiscal responsibility.”

“We both share the same concerns about the Super City and would like to make sure that the people of Auckland feel as though they are being represented fairly by someone who places utmost importance on responsible leadership and civic duty.”

Mr Craig, who announced his candidacy for Mayor in June, says accurate local representation, financial responsibility and fairness is the best way for Auckland to move forward in the transition to a Super City.

“If Auckland is going to be the successful city that it can be and realise its potential we are going to need to change the way that we do things with a much greater respect for the wishes of the voter. This is why I propose holding referendums and surveys so that if I am elected Mayor of the new Super City, I am able to genuinely represent what Auckland wants.”

Voting for the new Super City council begins on 17th September with the ballots closing on October 9th.

Further information about Colin Craig and his policies can be found on his website at