Shambolic Dominion Rd proposal must stop and return to go

Thursday 12 August 2010, 8:35AM
By Roskill Community Voice


“Another example of shambolic consultation”, is how Roskill Community Voice spokesperson Michael Wood describes Auckland City’s plans to significantly change one of Auckland’s busiest roads, Dominion Rd.

“Once again, we see a major proposal that will cost a lot of public money being rammed through. Our sources tell us that the proposal is being deliberately rushed through by the C&R majority, ahead of the Supercity elections. Even the current rushed process only came about because Councillors Fryer and Casey demanded an extension”, he continues.

“Critically, the rushed process means that the community has not had a real say. We have talked to nearly every single shopkeeper at the Mt Roskill shops, and they feel totally out of the loop. People support better public transport, but this support will be lost if they feel like their voice is not being heard”.

“This feeling is increased by the fact that C&R candidates have already come out saying that they know what the solution should be, inclusive of daft ideas like abolishing the bus lane and turning it into a T2 lane. We doubt they’ve talked to anyone in Mt Roskill before making these pronouncements”.

“We are calling for the consultation to be halted until the new Council and Local Boards are elected. If Roskill Community Voice wins control of the Mt Roskill Board we will demand full public hearings on the proposals so that everyone in the community has a voice. We are sure that such a process can lead to some sensible outcomes that balance better public transport and cycling options with local business needs”, concludes Wood.