Major police operation planned Major police operation planned CREDIT: lani hepi

Major police operation planned

Thursday 2 September 2010, 10:55AM
By lpressmedia & ttktimes News Media Agency / Image


Major police operation planned
Eastern Bay Police are joining Australasian forces in a crack-down on alcohol related crime.

Next Friday the 10th of September, police throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands will conduct a major operation over 24 hours.

It'll include checkpoints, ID checks, liquor outlets and bar licenses, disorderly behaviour and other crimes that are caused by, or can cause an affect through alcohol.

The operation's been carried out in the past, and proven very successful.

Senior Constable Paul Dickey hopes the Eastern Bay will come out arrest free.

He says it's designed to curb and prevent alcohol fuelled incidents, like drink-driving, violence, youth drinking and disorderly or anti-social behaviour.


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