Bus driver robbed

Thursday 2 September 2010, 1:27PM
By lpressmedia & ttktimes News Media Agency / Image


A bus driver was threatened with a sharp metal object and robbed by a teenager in Mt Maunganui last night.

The driver, a middle aged woman, was parked opposite the Bayfair shopping complex on Harris St ahead of her scheduled trip when the teenager boarded the bus and demanded money about 7.40pm.

He stole a small amount of cash and left the bus, Detective Sergeant Mel Ridley said.

The Maori teenager was wearing a dark coloured hooded sweatshirt, a black baseball cap, and had a dark coloured bandanna partly covering his face.

He is believed to have been with a group of other teenagers on bicycles.

The bus driver was unhurt but traumatised by the incident, Mr Ridley said.

Police would like to hear from anyone who was in the area at the time, including staff and delivery drivers at the shopping complex.