EATRIGHT Exciting New SlowDried Product Range

Friday 3 September 2010, 5:53PM

By Eat Right Foods Limited


EATRIGHT has recently launched an exciting new range of SlowDried(tm) foods.
Currently, there are two SlowDried(tm) products:

The EATRIGHT Super-Seeded Crackers
* Gluten & wheat free
* Dairy, soy & egg free
* No added oil or salt
* Good source of protein
* Source of omega 3
* Nut & peanut free

The EATRIGHT Organic Apple Rings
* No added sugar
* Sulphate free
* Low in fat

The products are minimally processed and are slowly dried to avoid the loss
of any individual nutrients which would typically occur from a high heat or
cooking process. The slow drying ensures the nutritional balance and
integrity of each ingredient is enhanced. The process inactivating the
natural enzymes present to ensure preserve the flavours and nutritional

When selecting products for our SlowDried(tm) range we chose ingredients
that are nutrient dense and are whole foods. Hence, the SlowDried(tm)
product benefits include ...

* Dietary fibre (either a source of fibre or high in fibre)
* Healthy fats and no added processed oils (as often can be expected in
crackers and energy snacks)
* Low carbohydrate, in line with plant sourced principles (high carbohydrate
and low fat / saturated fat can typically indicate excess product
* Low sodium content and no added salt (whole foods and plant based foods
are a great way to decrease sodium intake)

The SlowDried(tm) philosophy ...
* The locked in moisture allows the SlowDried(tm) products to be nutrient
dense and high in quality.
* They complement a "plant based" diet as they add fruits, vegetables,
legumes and whole grains and are suitable for a vegetarian or vegan diet.
* Where possible, the ingredients are local, seasonal and sustainably grown.
* They are fully certified organic so no pesticides, preservatives or
* The slow drying process maintains an excellent shelf life with less
deterioration in comparison to overly processed or cooked products.

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