Quake Concerns Many

Sunday 5 September 2010, 1:22AM
By lpressmedia & ttktimes News Media Agency / Image

70-80% of residence remain with out drinking water
90% remain with out power and

An estimate of close to $2 Billion Dollars is exspected to be the toatal or even more as given by the prime minister as he visited yesterday afternoon.
many residence remain out of their homes and in the company of freinds and family and even on the front of their lawns, i spoke with a resident of Darfeild a short time ago she said that her and her family will be camping out in the car tonight as she fear's of going back into her homes, After shocks are just continueous with the last one being just a few minutes ago.

Tommorow assesors from the Earth quake commition will assess all the damage and will cauculate the given costs of damage to the area, Efforts will be made to restore water to homes