Renewed call for return to liquor licensing trusts

Tuesday 21 September 2010, 12:57PM
By Roskill Community Voice


“Yet another off-license liquor outlet opening in Mt Roskill is evidence that our call to re-introduce local liquor licensing trusts needs to be taken seriously", says Roskill Community Voice spokesperson Michael Wood. Roskill Community Voice is contesting the Puketapapa Local Board in the Supercity elections.

“Despite the fact that our community is struggling with a whole range of liquor-related problems, “May Rd Liquor” is being allowed to set up shop in a largely residential area. Local residents have contacted us to express their anger and concern”, continues Wood.

“Residents, and Roskill Community Voice are angry that the community has not been consulted about this new bottle shop at all. The blame for that rests squarely with the current Auckland City Council, which specifically voted against local community consultation about off-licenses, four months ago”.

“The current process freezes the local community out of having a say. Our proposal to re-establish local liquor licensing trusts would change that. Local communities would be able to elect representatives to manage liquor distribution in the community and to set policies in line with the community’s wishes”.

“Mt Roskill has had enough of the failed free-market in liquor policy. The costs in our community are too high. Roskill Community Voice will keep up the fight for a local liquor licensing trust and will make it a priority if elected”, concludes Wood.