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Graham Condon Graham Condon CREDIT: Christchurch City Council

SPARC acknowledges former board member, Graham Condon

Sunday 9 September 2007, 4:14PM

SPARC Chief Executive, Nick Hill, today acknowledged the tragic death of former SPARC Board member, Graham Condon, who was killed yesterday in a training accident.

“Our thoughts are obviously with Graham’s family who will be grieving the loss of a great Kiwi.

“Graham made a significant contribution to SPARC, sitting on our Board from 2001 to 2006.

“He brought to the table many valuable insights, shaped by his own extraordinary background.

“As a city councillor, Graham helped SPARC frame its thinking in relation to working with councils. As a high performance paralympian, he understood the sacrifice, grit and discipline needed to perform on the international sporting stage. He also obviously took a keen interest in SPARC’s work to ensure that disabled people had equal opportunities and access to sport and recreation.

“And, for me, a real measure of the man was his empathy and warmth for SPARC staff. Graham would invariably ‘tour the floor’ at SPARC, following Board meetings. He took the time to get to know people and would introduce himself to staff, showing a keen and genuine interest in their work. He will be sorely missed,” he said.