Christchurch lighting designer recognised for Airport Tower

Saturday 2 October 2010, 9:18AM
By Seeking Publicity


Christchurch-based lighting designer Kevin Cawley was recognised at the New Zealand Lighting Design Awards in Auckland last night for his work on the new control tower at Christchurch Airport.

The IES (Illuminating Engineering Society) Award was picked up by Philips Lighting for the Airways Corporation project. Mr Cawley designed the job when he was contracted by Airways Corporation.

After analysing the requirements of the project, Mr Cawley used Philips light fittings. Philips Lighting was so impressed with the result that they entered Mr Cawley into the awards.

“The tower was a beautiful structure to light, but challenging because of its shape,” says Mr Cawley.

The job took 18 months to complete. This involved mixing different colours to get the perfect pastel effects. There were also many hours of testing.

“I gathered a huge amount of fittings and went back night after night to test them until I got it just right.”

Mr Cawley, a multi-awarding winning lighting designer, uses his skills in a number of industries. These include commercial, retail, theatrical and residential lighting. One of his higher profile jobs was the famous musical, Les Miserable’s in Australia a few years ago.

“Lighting is all about creating an ambience that fits with the client. My only brief on the tower was to make it subtle. Lighting plays a major part in so many areas of life. It can do anything from influence buying decisions to creating a warm home environment,” Mr Cawley concludes.

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