Food boundaries blurring

Wednesday 20 October 2010, 5:22PM

By Eat Right Foods Limited


It is now well known that the incessant drive for lower food prices and long shelf life has contributed to growing problems with obesity, diabetes and even food safety especially in the US ... so it is interesting that some food companies are now moving into the clinical nutrition area.


In recent articles on the convergence of the food and pharmaceutical industries (“Food and Pharma prove a rich mix”; and “Nestle to take on pharmaceutical sector”) the Financial Times highlights the new growth area of food products aimed at slowing or preventing illness.


Although new to some, Eat Right (with its EATRIGHT branded products) has been working in this area for many years with its products suitable for those on an anti-Candida, low yeast diet (first launched in February 2004), the first company to gain the Heart Foundation tick of approval for its products in the sweet biscuit category in Australasia (March 2006), a pioneer in its gluten free low sugar products and home to some of the most allergy free and friendly products available.


So it may come as no surprise that the company has been supplying hospitals as well as more traditional health-organic stores and supermarkets outlets for many years.


Although Eat Right is encouraged to read about more food products being aimed at slowing or preventing illness, the company is deeply concerned at the number of products currently available for people with health problems such as coeliacs/celiacs disease that are over processed and highly refined - potentially adding to consumers problems rather than alleviating them.


So the company does remind consumers to be cautious in their choices … reminding people to look for whole foods, fibre rich, plant sourced, nutrient dense, healthy fats, organic whenever possible, preservative free, slowdried and minimally processed. And to look out for some more really innovative products currently being developed at Eat Right !