Thought-leaders co-create the future

Wednesday 10 November 2010, 12:34AM
By BusinessLAB


Nine thought-leaders speaking at a three hour, free mini-conference is something not to be missed. If you are seriously interested in finding better ways of creating sustainable value or defining a clear point of difference, you should attend this mini-conference.
“This event will seriously challenge your way of thinking”, says Simon Harvey, Chief Executive of The Natural Step New Zealand (TNSNZ) – the conference host. “It is all about people working together to create a prosperous future. Better for the planet; better for people; and with better, more legitimate profits for business.”
The Natural Step is a non-profit, professional body committed to education, advisory work and research in sustainable practice. It has been operating in New Zealand since 1997 but since 1989 has been working globally with thousands of corporations, municipalities, academic institutions and not-for-profit organisations. All of whom have proven that moving strategically toward sustainability leads to new opportunities, reduced costs, and dramatically reduced ecological and social impacts.
The likes of Nike, Walmart, Electrolux and Interface are well known international brands that have gone down the Natural Step path towards a better business future.
“We need to seriously challenge many of the basic assumptions we’ve inherited as legacy models for business and government,” explains Harvey. “By bringing together leading examples of how this is being done at our Co Create the Future conference, we hope to inspire others to exploit this huge leadership opportunity in a way that will stand New Zealand in good economic shape.”
The event boasts nine thought-leading speakers who will talk over the three hours. It is to be held on Monday, 29th November at Auckland’s premier Floating Pavilion venue in the Viaduct Harbour.
Businesses large and small are encouraged to attend.
“We need to change the way we do things if we want stable investment platforms for business and communities in the future,” says Harvey. “This inevitable change creates a massive opportunity for those who can see it. We help people win at that game by enabling them to understand the true nature of the problem in the context of what they do, and then designing genuine solutions that pay off.”
The conference will showcase a number of success stories about people and organisations that are beginning to exploit this opportunity. The programme covers a wide range of topics including:
• Latest consumer trends in sustainable practice
• How sustainability is driving change in the financial and investment sectors
• Innovative international benchmarking tools driving business excellence
• Taking green buildings to a whole new level
• Moving beyond consultation to empower communities
• New graduate qualifications recognising sustainable practices at work
• Measuring the impact of an entire community and managing change.
Sustainability in business is becoming more mainstream and being recognised as more than just something good to do. It is being seen increasingly as a commercial decision that can underpin a clear point of difference in an increasingly tight market.
The dictionary definition of the verb sustain is to “keep (something) going over time or continuously”. With that in mind, you’d have to wonder how many businesses would want to do otherwise!
The conference is a free event hosted by The Natural Step New Zealand, and takes place on 29th November, 2010 from 2pm at the Floating Pavilion in Auckland’s Viaduct Harbour.
For more information, please contact Simon Harvey on 021 808 300
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