ASB's Creating Futures comes to life online

Friday 12 November 2010, 9:07AM
By Pead PR


With chatting to your bank online now being the norm for thousands of customers every day, the online options are important components of ASB’s new ‘Creating Futures’ brand promise.

New Zealanders see their first glimpse of the refreshed ASB brand when the ‘Creating Futures’ campaign gets underway this weekend with a scene-setting advert on national television.

ASB’s ‘Creating Futures’ campaign has been co-created using input from customers, community groups and the bank’s own people from throughout New Zealand.

One of the major elements of the new brand campaign is a digital hub at

This fresh new site goes live this weekend featuring the stories from ASB’s new TV ads that support the ‘Creating Futures’ brand promise.  The hub is designed to facilitate customer involvement in the campaign, while also providing click through access to simple, easy to understand product information and advice.

Built on ASB’s history of firsts in the online space and its ongoing commitment to lead the way with new technology, the ‘Creating Futures’ hub is set to become a valuable resource for people wanting to explore how ASB can help its customers achieve their dreams and aspirations - the key proposition of the campaign

“ASB has always been a market leader in online technology and we are committed to encouraging friendly dialogue with customers through digital platforms,” says ASB General Manager Brand & Marketing, Deborah Simpson.

“The hub provides a focus for the campaign where our ongoing ‘Creating Futures’ stories can be viewed online as they unfold.  There are also opportunities to find out more about our products and services and provide feedback to ASB.

“It’s a great place for customers to start creating their futures by engaging with us about their hopes and dreams at a time and place that is convenient to them.”

The hub resembles a typical ASB branch populated by the characters from the TV commercials.  The same ASB staff members portrayed in the brand campaign also feature online.

By clicking on interactive captions floating above the different characters, visitors to the site are taken to various destinations, such as the ads from the ‘Creating Futures’ campaign and information about ASB products.

A personal service ‘concierge’ fronts the click-through guide to services relevant to customers seeking ways and means of creating their own bright futures.

In keeping with ASB’s commitment to its online presence visitors can also click through to ASB’s social media sites at Facebook and Twitter.

“We are committed to creating conversations with our customers through the channels and at the times they choose, and many have told us that social media now plays a key role in their lives.  We want our customers to have the opportunity to discuss what we do and give us valuable feedback,” Ms Simpson says.

“Our new advertising and product information is also designed to be approachable, friendly and with that touch of humour that New Zealanders have come to expect from ASB.”

ASB’s new look retains the bright, bold optimism of the ASB yellow and is being rolled out across TV and print advertising, the ASB website, social networking sites, billboards, adshel advertising, branch merchandise and stationery.