North Shore Pony Club Release Hot New Video For 'Sex, Drugs & A Drum Machine'

Monday 29 November 2010, 8:42PM

By Isaac Promotions



With porn stars, singing boobs, a bad-ass party and more than a little bit of random, the North Shore Pony Club boys bring their genre blending, party explosion, dance-pop to life with a new video for hit single ‘Sex, Drugs & A Drum Machine’.

Starring fictitious international porn star Randy Diamond, the video brings the ridiculous and the sexy together for an eighties flash back of piss-take fun.

Directed by Tim Van Dammen from, the track features on their new album Tough As Diamonds, Rich Like Cream, which is slated for release early 2011.The new North Shore Pony Club video is now playing on music TV and online. Check it out here: