New voicemail innovation on Telecom's XT

Thursday 2 December 2010, 4:56PM
By Telecom New Zealand

From tomorrow (3 December 2010) postpaid customers signing up to Telecom XT will experience a new, easier way to retrieve voicemail. It’s called Voicemail Viewer and lets you see exactly who has left you a message on your XT Mobile.

Instead of an ‘icon’ appearing on your mobile when you have a voice message, you will receive a free text message (Voicemail Viewer notification) if you’ve missed a call.

The text message lets you see who called, what time the message was left, and the length of the message. From there its just one click to dial-in and listen.

Rather than go through all your messages sequentially, Voicemail Viewer leads you directly to the messages you want to listen to.

“This product is a revolution in the use of voicemail and adds serious convenience to our customers who want to prioritise their messages”, says Telecom’s Head of Mobile Products, Jason Foden.

XT is the only Network where customers will be able to access this innovative new service which is free to all new postpaid customers.

From February 2011, Telecom will contact all existing XT postpaid and prepaid customer about moving to Voicemail Viewer.

The usual access charge to voicemail will still apply when you click the link to listen to voicemail. If you select to call-back the caller your usual voice minute charges apply.

For more info on Voicemail Viewer visit