Cruelty to Kitten

Thursday 9 December 2010, 4:58PM
By Tauranga City Council


A three month old kitten was killed and left on the front door step of its owners home early this morning in the Gate Pa area.   

The kitten had been sleeping outside by the door until someone grabbed it and violently threw it against the door killing it instantly.  A purple hydrangea flower was left on top of the kitten by the offender(s). 

The incident is of particularly concerning due to the callous and inhumane treatment of the animal.   

This is the second such incident involving animals in the area recently. 

Owners of animals are advised to keep them inside or in a secure location if you are living in the Gate Pa, Cameron Road area. 

Police would like to speak to anyone with any information that can lead to identifying persons involved.  Contact Tauranga Police on 07 5774300.