Police warn about EFTPOS card skimming scam

Thursday 30 December 2010, 11:22AM
By New Zealand Police


Police in Kerikeri are warning of a sophisticated EFTPOS card skimming scam which may have been used elsewhere in the country.

The scam involves an individual posing as a courier driver who delivers a package, but demands a small payment for delivery.

The victim pays with their EFTPOS card using what they believe is an EFTPOS machine given by the driver but is actually a card skimming device.

A Kerikeri shop owner was targeted by the scam on 24th December. They subsequently had a large sum of money involving several thousand dollars withdrawn from their account using what appears to have been a duplicate copy of their EFTPOS card.

Three similar incidents were reported in Whangarei yesterday, and the scam was first reported in the Northland area in 2008.

Sergeant Wendy Hall of Kerikeri Police says the scam appears to have been sophisticated and carefully planned:

“It looks like the offender had previously visited and identified this shop.

“The offender had the appearance of a professional delivery driver and gave no reason for the complainant to question the validity of the package at the time.

“It is likely this scam has been used elsewhere in New Zealand and I urge any one to exercise extreme caution if they receive a similar approach.

“If you have any suspicions then do not make any payment and contact police.”

The offender is described as male, caucasian, tall, skinny build, age approx 50 yrs, with a beard. He was wearing a green baseball cap, green shirt with the company logo "NZ Transport Ltd".

Anyone with information should contact Kerikeri police on 09 407 9211, or they can give information anonymously through Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.