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ProWorkflow's Mobile App – A New Standard!

Thursday 10 February 2011, 7:26AM

Leading Project Management tool ProWorkflow has set a new standard for productivity on mobile devices with the launch of their new agile mobile web app.

ProWorkflow Mobile gives users complete access to their information - allowing them to track time, monitor projects, post messages, collaborate, view project files and contacts from their mobile device.

ProWorkflow CEO Julian Stone believes the mobile app is the most comprehensive of its kind on the market and is a further enhancement to the project management software which helps small to medium businesses streamline, measure and improve company performance and productivity.

“ProWorkflow Mobile is not limited to the standard functions of time tracking and viewing basic project details. Users can add, edit and report on all aspects of their account from their mobile phone,” says Stone.

“ProWorkflow were one of the first software companies to release a native project management iPhone app, and now we are raising the bar once again with this multi-platform mobile web app. ProWorkflow Mobile sets a new standard for mobile project management apps and just like our iPhone app, it’s available for free to our customers.”

Using ProWorkflow Mobile is easy and does not require users to install software on their phones.

“ProWorkflow Mobile is not an installed app, so users simply visit the mobile log-in page and sign in to their account as normal – it’s fast, intuitive and easy to use.” says Stone.

The dashboard is simple and clean, it offers key information for users on projects, time, tasks, contacts, messages, reports and invoices and allows drill-down access to further details such as notes, bookmarks, finance data, timelines and project expenses.

The instant search function lets users find the project, task or contact they need, enabling fast and efficient use and making it easy to keep your team up to date on progress, Stone says.

ProWorkflow Mobile has been tested on iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry devices.

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