CPIT plans staged return to campus after Zone 5 cleared

Tuesday 15 March 2011, 3:30PM



“Students will not immediately be returning to CPIT’s Madras Street campus once Zone 5 is cleared,” says CPIT CE Kay Giles.

“CPIT plans a staged return to its city campus over the coming weeks once the institution’s Madras Street campus is clear of a civil defence cordon established after the 22 February earthquake.”

The vast majority of CPIT’s city campus buildings have been cleared by two structural engineering assessments. We are now awaiting final clearance from Civil Defence.

“CPIT’s city campus buildings have stood up very well and we will firstly clean up and tidy the campus ready for a managed reoccupation,” she says.

“In relocating programmes to the city campus, we are being sensitive to staff and students’ wellbeing.
“Buildings have been doubled-checked by engineers and are safe for use and we anticipate they will be been given an official go-ahead. Once this occurs the campus itself will be cleared, safe and secure and ready for normal functioning again.”

“However there will be no rush to return to the city campus for courses that had been relocated to alternative venues such as CPIT’s Sullivan Ave campus, Lincoln University and Cashmere Club, along with their administrative support. Relocation will be managed in an orderly and timely way to best support students’ academic progress with the least disruption to classes.”

It is anticipated that there will be limited access to the city campus shortly and our first priority will be to allow controlled access for students and staff to collect their personal belongings. There is a process in place ready to be implemented once civil defence allow access and this will be posted at