International trauma experts bring emotional relief to Christchurch

Wednesday 16 March 2011, 11:06AM
By Seeking Publicity


An international disaster aid agency specialising in mass trauma recovery is now operating in Christchurch to provide relief free of charge to the thousands of Cantabrians suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and general stress after the February earthquake.

The Indonesian-based Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques Organisation (TREST Aid) has provided programmes to just under 1 million disaster victims in the past five years.

“The biggest myth about trauma is that it will go away on its own” says TREST Aid Director, Deepak Mostert.

“The effect that trauma has on the lives of survivors, their family, and society is underestimated”.

Mostert, who is also lectures Trauma Awareness and Trauma Recovery Techniques at five universities in Indonesia, says the symptoms of trauma are often not recognised by survivors, family and health care staff

“The reason energy psychology is used in disaster zones around the world is because it’s amazingly effective and easy to apply to large groups in a short time,” says Mostert.

TREST Aid Canterbury Co-ordinator, Karen Degen says Energy Psychology is a combination of utilising acupressure points and the latest psychological intervention methods.

“It has seen staggering results throughout the world, including the elimination of PTSD among many earthquake victims.”

TREST Aid worked amongst the devastation of the Padang (Indonesia) earthquake in 2009. Following a request from the Indonesian government, it provided a three week Trauma Relief and Emotional Support training programme that reached 380,000 schoolchildren a teachers.

“In Christchurch, we are providing free trauma relief for all disaster victims. This includes programmes for staff of organisations and businesses affected by the earthquake, training for schoolchildren and teachers, neighbourhood training and personal trauma relief sessions,” Ms Degen concludes.

Deepak Mostert: Phone 021 0226 7468
Karen Degen: Phone 03 3320526 Mobile 027 6785943