International Students Supported

Thursday 17 March 2011, 8:31AM


Tim Hayashi of CPIT’s International Division says they have received many grateful messages and praise for their swift and smooth relocation of international students.

In a fantastic example of inter-tertiary collaboration, CPIT liaised with Aoraki Polytech to transfer seven English language groups to Timaru, including making arrangements for accommodation, counselling and support.

Students from Hiroshima Shudo, Kagawa, Shobi, Osaka Jogakuin, Tezukayama, Obirin, Ryukoku, and Kansai Gaidai Universities plus the Oita Prefectural College were transported by bus and received a warm welcome in Timaru while their flights home were co-ordinated.

Smiling photos and reports on Facebook pages express admiration for CPIT and Aoraki staff and their efficient handling of the transitional arrangements.

Tim has also been contacted by 2009 CPIT English Language students, Mr Yuki Sawai from Hiroshima Shudo University and Mr Ryushi Osaki from Kagawa University. The pair have reconnected with other Japanese students enrolled at CPIT that year and established the “Lets Help Christchurch” fundraising campaign.

Several Japanese newspapers have reported on the 10-15 strong student gatherings at key railway stations seeking contributions from commuters.

CPIT’s International Director Beth Knowles is pleased by the increasing numbers dropping in to CPIT’s International Students Support Centre and believes, “It is has proved a brilliant resource, allowing staff to provide additional advice, assistance and support for international students.”