Cinema Census Surveys New Zealand Movie-Goers

Wednesday 30 March 2011, 1:22PM

New Zealand's movie and cinema website is hosting the first annual 'Cinema Census'.

The survey began with a simple conversation between and Ant Timpson (creator of V48HOURS and Incredibly Strange) about the lack of true knowledge regarding New Zealand cinema audiences and their habits.

The easy to answer Cinema Census asks 54 questions on the activity and perspectives of New Zealand movie-goers: How often do we go? How many of us prefer to watch movies downloaded online? Are cinema prices too high? What do we think about our own, NZ Film Commission-funded films?

The results (the first of their kind) will shed light on the attitudes of today's movie-goers and provide invaluable information to the local cinema and film distribution business.

The Cinema Census is open until April 11 and can be completed at The results will be released on Flicks in mid-April.


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