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The Minister For The Environment Claims The Aerosol Trails Are Merely Water Vapour CREDIT: Clare Swinney

New Video: Strange Coloured Clouds & Chemtrails Over Whangarei On 31/3/11
Monday 4 April 2011, 10:43PM
By Clare Swinney


Is weather modification technology being used? Glowing orange-coloured clouds and chemtrails are shown in this video about geo-engineering, plus more. It was shot on March the 31st, 2011 from the suburb of Woodhill, Whangarei after I'd received a phone call from a friend at about 8am that morning, who said he'd seen a chemtrail on the east coast of Northland, which he estimated was approximately 200-300ks long.  Consequently, I took my video and still camera out to see what I could capture on film.  Aerosol spraying activities do follow patterns. Here is some of what was seen in this video: INDEX