CCTV Upgrade Elevates Westhaven Marina to International Standard

Wednesday 6 April 2011, 3:12PM
By Whole Nine Yards PR


A new state-of-the-art security system has been installed at Auckland’s Westhaven Marina, bringing it into line with similar systems currently in use around the world.

Waterfront Auckland Marina Manager, Russell Mathieson, said the site now has a fully operational security system on a par with that currently in use at Valencia’s Americas Cup Village.

“Westhaven Marina is not only one of the largest marinas in the Southern Hemisphere with often as many as 1,800 vessels at the site, it is also a busy public space,” Russell said.

“We have many public realm areas within the Marina therefore having a high-tech security system in place is of paramount importance.

“A high volume of people frequent the area on a daily basis. The new CCTV system will provide enhanced security and safety for the public..”

The CCTV system installed by ADT Armourguard at a cost of approximately $800K is the latest development in a major security project, aimed at increasing public safety and security in the public realm areas, that began in 2009. As part of that project, access control systems for pier gates have been installed and in-house security guards have been employed and specially trained in marina security.

Over 4kms of fibre optic cables have now been installed at the site to accommodate the over 100 CCTV cameras that line the 60 hectare Marina site.

ADT Armourguard General Manager, Ian Anderson, said the upgrade which began in November 2010, was completed at the end of February.

“The cameras used in the new system which cover piers A to Z, include numerous high-tech features such as advanced zoom and tilt capabilities, low-light imaging and object tracking,” Ian said.

“There are now 86 more CCTV cameras than were previously in place. All of them have been strategically placed around the Marina to extend surveillance capabilities to cover previous blind spots and public areas, and offer enhanced car parking surveillance.

“The same type of system has been installed in marinas around the world including Valencia’s Americas Cup Village,” Ian said.

“We’re confident that the system provides greater public safety and security at Westhaven Marina and has the ability to be further enhanced in the future, as new advances are made in CCTV technology.”

Ian said developing and installing the system had been a significant project for ADT Armourguard, and had involved a collaborative effort between sister companies ADT Armourguard and Tyco Traffic.

Due to the high profile nature and complexity of the project, ADT Armourguard has worked in partnership with the Auckland Council's Property Project Team and Beca Carter.