Leanne Crozier and Sarcha Feary - Decipher Group Leanne Crozier and Sarcha Feary - Decipher Group CREDIT: RedPR

Job Candidates Not Shaky About Relocating to Christchurch

Monday 9 May 2011, 2:05PM
By RedPR

More people looking for executive positions are keen to relocate to Christchurch as the job market grows.

That’s according to Decipher Group, one of the city’s leading executive recruitment agencies after Seek NZ today said advertised job vacancies in Christchurch have increased by nine percent.

Decipher director, Sarcha Feary, says they are receiving between 25 and 30% more out of town applications than before the February earthquake, including rises in interest from international candidates.

“The calibre of the candidates is extremely high, both from New Zealand and overseas applicants,” she says.

Feary says the executive job seekers are unconcerned about the damaged infrastructure or ongoing quakes and several have families they would bring with them.

“As more roles become available either through new business or vacancies as a result of people leaving, we’re finding candidates of the calibre we work with, are excited by the prospect of the growth Christchurch will go through in the next ten years or so,” she says.

Sarcha Feary and co-director Leanne Crozier also say several large projects that employers with whom they work, had planned for 2011 are going ahead and many of the plans have been expanded requiring additional recruitment.

“We are much busier now than we were last year and the quality of our executive candidates is exceptional. The clients for whom we advise and recruit are getting on with it, and are planning to successfully grow as Christchurch rebuilds,” says Crozier.


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