Electrical fault temporarily closes pool

Monday 16 May 2011, 2:22PM
By Nelson City Council


The city’s Riverside Pool is closed due to a significant electrical fault and is unlikely to open before Wednesday 18 May.

The Riverside Pool and Fitness Centre on Riverside Drive, operates seven days a week and is owned by the Nelson City Council but managed under contract by Community Leisure Management.

Council’s Executive Manager Network Services, Alec Louverdis, says the fault was identified on Saturday afternoon but the pool temperature and chlorine levels were sufficient to allow the pool to stay open until the normal closing time.

“The fault was caused by the failure of the three phase switch that supplies the facility and may have been contributed to by the recent storms. The parts necessary to repair the system are on their way from Christchurch but it’s unlikely all repairs will be completed, and water temperature sufficient to open the pool before Wednesday morning.”

Council apologises to those customers who may have been inconvenienced by this unexpected closure.