"VIP" EATRIGHT Products at WorldFest

Thursday 26 May 2011, 7:56PM

By Eat Right Foods Limited


EATRIGHT vegan cookie and cracker products were included in VIP packs at WorldFest held in Los Angeles last weekend (WorldFest is the largest green, compassionate-living festival and the only completely solar-powered celebration of music, the environment, animals, healthy living and social consciousness). The EATRIGHT Choc-holic Cookies and Super-seeded Crackers were selected for and enjoyed by VIP's because of their health, sustainable product attributes and because they came from New Zealand.

Where a food comes from, its values, its philosophy, environmental issues - are all becoming more important. A lot of people are "doing organics" but increasingly people want to see proof of sustainability in products that are doing right by people and right by the environment. For that very reason, EATRIGHT uses 75% or more certified organic ingredients in each of its products and, when possible, the company uses Trade Aid certified ingredients.

According to the World Wildlife Fund, commercial sugarcane plantations "have led to perhaps the largest losses of biodiversity of any single agricultural product." In Australia the run-off of toxic chemicals from sugar cane fields is being blamed for damaging river and ocean-based wildlife as well as causing extensive damage to the Great Barrier Reef. In the America's, phosphorus-rich run-off from sugar plantations is credited with destroying much of the Florida everglades.

For EATRIGHT, the conscious choice to use Fair Trade certified organic raw sugar in its Choc-holics Cookies was not only because Fair Trade rewards organic production and supports a more sustainable method of sugar production but because it contains small amounts of the original molasses and has higher nutrient values than refined white sugar.

As well as supporting Fair Trade Fortnight, EATRIGHT products were featured in Allergy Awareness Week activities in the USA and New Zealand. The activities were designed to raise awareness of the global food allergy and intolerance industry as growth is "predicted to surpass $26 Billion by 2017", according to a report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

The allergy sensitive and functional food attributes of the EATRIGHT Choc-holics Cookies include gluten and wheat free, dairy free, egg free, nut and peanut free, high in fibre, 65% less sugar than an average cookie and low in sodium. The EATRIGHT Super-seeded Crackers are gluten and wheat free, dairy free, soy free, egg free, nut and peanut free; no added oil or salt, source of protein, source of omega 3, fully certified organic; suitable for a low yeast diet, SlowDried and made using raw food principals.

Eat Right Foods began the manufacture and sale of its organic and allergy sensitive cakes and cookie products in 2001. Since then the company has expanded its EATRIGHT branded products into a range of cracker and snack products. The company is considered a pioneer with its "more benefits in every bite" products and is currently developing some groundbreaking mineral rich bio-available product-processing technology.

The EATRIGHT brand is registered in the key markets it supplies around the world and is globally protected by consent agreements with Safeway Inc.

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