Christchurch first New Zealand airport to offer Mobile Website

Thursday 9 June 2011, 2:07PM
By Christchurch International Airport Limited


In a first for New Zealand airports, Christchurch International Airport now offers a mobile website for travellers in order to give them a significantly better online experience when they use their mobile phones to access the airport’s website.

“As an increasing number of travellers are using their mobile devices to access our website, we wanted to give them the best experience,” said Christchurch Airport Marketing Manager Jade Reeves. “At the moment, ten percent of our website visitors are accessing the website from mobile devices, so we’re delivering people the information they want, how they want it.”

The mobile website ( offers a simplified homepage, a short news item and five easy options for commonly requested information, such as flight information, airport maps and parking information. There is also a back-up emergency homepage for situations such as the earthquakes, when all flights were cancelled. In the week of the February earthquake, thousands of people used their phones to check the Christchurch Airport website for flight information.

“Innovation is one of our brand values, so we intend to stay on top of the technology game,” said Jade Reeves. She noted that it’s predicted that by the end of 2011, more smartphones will be sold worldwide than PCs. Morgan Stanley forecast that in the next four years, more people will access the Internet from a mobile device than from a desktop.