Christchurch Airport closes briefly following earthquake

Wednesday 22 June 2011, 6:59AM
By Christchurch International Airport Limited


Following a 5.3 earthquake, Christchurch Airport has been closed for a couple of hours while the terminal and runways are checked for any damage. "This is a standard procedure following a significant earthquake, and each time the airport has come through with flying colours," said Christchurch Airport’s CEO Jim Boult. "However safety is our primary concern and we want the checks to be thorough."

It's expected that the runways checks will be completed by 1.30am, and flights will resume at that time.

Passengers booked on flights are requested to check with their airlines before coming to the airport.

Christchurch Airport re-opens

Christchurch Airport has re-opened following the 5.3 earthquake earlier in the evening. The airport closed for two hours following the aftershock in order to do careful checks of the runway.

Four trans-Tasman flights were diverted to Auckland during this time. Two of those flights will return to Christchurch in the next couple of hours: Jetstar's JQ191 from Gold Coast is due to arrive at 3.20am and Pacific Blue's DJ82 from Brisbane is due to arrive back in Christchurch at 3.50am. Passengers from the two Air NZ flights which diverted to Auckland, NZ888 from Sydney and NZ 804 from Brisbane, will be transferred to domestic flights to Christchurch in the morning.