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Bluebird Penguin CREDIT: Bluebird

Bluebird chips in to help Happy Feet
Wednesday 6 July 2011, 7:37AM
By beat communications

There’s no denying Bluebird’s long association with the cute Antarctic creatures so it made sense to get behind NZ’s favourite penguin in his hour of need. Bluebird have committed to help Happy Feet by donating 5cents from every packet of Kiwi As 150g chips sold until November 2011, to ‘The Happy Feet Appeal’ and other penguin related initiatives.

Happy Feet, the injured Emperor penguin found on Peka Peka Beach near Wellington, has spent the last few days convalescing after a week of operations, x-rays and anaesthetics at Wellington Zoo’s The Nest Te Kōhanga. He has gained international attention since falling ill after eating sand and sticks.

‘The Happy Feet Appeal’ has been created by Wellington Zoo and proceeds will go towards nursing the Emperor penguin back to health and return him to the ocean. Once they’ve done so, any remaining funds to help other penguin programmes at the Zoo.

“Penguins are close to our heart so naturally we’ve been following this story closely,” says Bluebird Managing Director, Gerard Smith. “We’re happy we can do our part in helping Happy Feet return to the ocean and also support treatment for other penguins at Wellington Zoo.”

Between now and November, Bluebird would expect to sell around 400,000 packets of Kiwi As chips – based on sales figures to date. Conservatively speaking, this could mean at least $20,000 towards Wellington Zoo’s ‘Happy Feet Appeal’ and other penguin-related initiatives.

If you love all things Kiwi, then you’ll love the taste of Bluebird’s Kiwi As chips. INDEX