One dead following Police pursuit in Pukekohe

Monday 18 July 2011, 6:41PM
By New Zealand Police


A man has died following a crash in Pukekohe this afternoon at 3pm, at the intersection of Patumahoe and Waiuku roads.

The decesased was an occupant of a stolen vehicle which had been fleeing Police.

Police are following up information from a member of the public who claims to have seen a second person flee the vehicle on foot after the crash. At this stage, no trace of a second person has been found.

Police had initiated a pursuit of the stolen vehicle, a silver Nissan, south of Pukekohe, near Tuakau Road but abandoned the pursuit approximately two minutes later.

Approximately 30 seconds after the pursuit was abandoned, the fleeing vehicle collided with a Ford Falcoln after failing to stop at a stop sign at the intersection of Patumahoe and Waiuku roads.

The woman driver of the Ford Falcon is shaken but fortunately unharmed. There were no passengers in her vehicle.

The Serious Crash Investigation Unit is at the scene of the crash and enquiries are continuing as to the possible second occupant of the fleeing vehicle.