New centre and diploma widen opportunities in healthcare

Tuesday 19 July 2011, 9:32AM
By Wintec


Wintec’s new Centre for Health and Social Practice recognises the interconnectivity between healthcare and social services, and will build on this relationship for the benefit of students and industry.

“Our School of Health and School of Social Development have joined to become the Centre for Health and Social Practice. This change reflects the growing synergies between these two areas and the increasing cross-disciplinary nature of each sector,” says Wintec Chief Executive, Mark Flowers.

“The centre will deliver the current programmes of the two schools and pave the way for new and creative future teaching, research and external engagement opportunities.”

The first new programme to be delivered by the centre is the Diploma in Enrolled Nursing which offers people interested in caregiving an alternative career option.

The diploma will allow graduates to work in a variety of clinical settings, delivering nursing care and health education to people of all ages, under the direction of a registered nurse.

“Enrolled nurses already play an important role in the provision of quality health care, offering flexibility and efficiency which leads to more positive patient outcomes,” says Allyson Davys, Wintec’s Centre for Health and Social Practice Director.

“The diploma means people interested in nursing, but who don’t wish to or can’t undertake the three years nursing degree, can become a valued member of the health team.”

During the 18-month programme, students will learn skills in a simulated learning environment which they can then apply during clinical placements. The diploma will prepare students for employment as enrolled nurses in all areas of practice including rehabilitation, acute care and mental health.

The Diploma in Enrolled Nursing joins the popular Bachelor of Nursing programme already offered by Wintec.