Update for Christchurch Airport

Monday 25 July 2011, 4:52PM
By Christchurch International Airport Limited


Most flights in and out of Christchurch Airport today have been cancelled due to snow.

However the runways are now clear and a few flights are still operating.

Two domestic Jetstar flights are due to come in to Christchurch Airport this evening.

A Pacific Blue flight will come in from Sydney at midnight tonight.

All Air New Zealand flights into and out of Christchurch are cancelled for the rest of the day.

The AirAsia X flight that was due to depart at 10 past midnight this morning is now rescheduled to depart at midday 1200 on Tuesday July 26.

The Singapore Airlines flight that was diverted to Auckland this morning will return to Christchurch tomorrow morning with its passengers.

Emirates is also planning normal operations tomorrow morning.

Snow is still expected through the evening and airport staff will work through the night to clear parking gates for aircraft tomorrow morning. There is some risk of ice through the night.

Travellers are asked to check with their airlines before coming to the airport.