New Auckland Council rates bill hits Waitakere letterboxes

Saturday 30 July 2011, 9:17AM
By Auckland Council


Auckland Council’s first combined rates notices will be delivered to ratepayers in the former Waitakere City Council area from next Tuesday (2 August).

The new-look notice combines the former Auckland Regional Council rates and former local council rates into one Auckland Council rates bill. This means ratepayers will now only receive one rates bill.

“The change to a single council also means moving to a single, more efficient way of assessing rates for Auckland, and a more convenient single bill for ratepayers,” says the Mayor.

Auckland Council is required by legislation to establish a Transition Rate for 2011 – 2012, which means all targeted rates and other charges on the former local and regional council rates bills will be merged into one, with the exception of wastewater rates.

The council inherited a rates increase of 9.2 per cent, but has reduced this down to 3.94 per cent by driving $81 million in efficiencies from the council. This 3.94 per cent increase is on the Transition Rate - the uniform rates increase across the region.

“At the same time as keeping the rates increase below the rate of inflation, Auckland Council is rolling out the biggest ever programme of investment in our region and our local communities,” says Mayor Brown.

An overview of Auckland Council rates for the 2011/12 rating year:



Former Waitakere City Council ratepayers will continue to pay their rates in four instalments

Direct debit


Ratepayers in the former Waitakere City Council can pay by direct debit weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly.


We are now offering a 1.5% discount on rates if they are paid in full by the due date of the first instalment

Water charges

Ratepayers in the former Waitakere City Council used to pay the council for water and wastewater services. These charges will now be split and ratepayers will pay Watercare (a separate Auckland Council Controlled Organisation) for water and Auckland Council for wastewater. These wastewater charges will now appear on the rates bill and are subject to a standard annual increase of 4.5%.

Other payment methods

Rates can also be paid via internet banking (please select Auckland Council – Waitakere City Rates as the payee), at Auckland Council service centres, at most PostShops, any branch of the BNZ or by mail.


In certain circumstances, ratepayers do not have to pay all or part of their rates. These exceptions apply to specific properties such as sports clubs, heritage and community buildings and covenanted land. They may also apply to Māori Freehold Land.


Low-income earners may be eligible for a rates rebate of up to $580.


In certain circumstances, Auckland Council may postpone the

requirement to pay rates. Ratepayers whose property is used for commercial farming and residential ratepayers with sufficient equity in their property can apply to have their rates postponed.


Rates help us to fund new projects as well as pay for services like local libraries and park maintenance.

Rates provide 53% of the council’s income with the rest coming from grants, subsidies, development and financial contributions, user charges and fees.

Auckland Council is investing in a range of projects that are underway region wide and in the former Waitakere City Council area including:


·        Transforming the Wynyard Quarter and Queens Wharf for all Aucklanders to enjoy

·        Protecting and enhancing Auckland’s harbours, beaches, islands and coastline

·        Work will begin this year on library complexes in Te Atatu, Massey North and Ranui.

·        Plans to renovate and earthquake-strengthen iconic Lopdell House in Titirangi, home to the popular art gallery

·        Protecting the Whau catchment area

·        Partnering with the Corban Estate Trust to develop the Corban Estate Art Centre

·        Development of the Hobsonville marine development – a 20 hectare marine industry precinct and recreation facility