Council confirms land for new high school

Friday 12 August 2011, 2:38PM
By Hamilton City Council


Hamilton City Council has confirmed 11 hectares of land in the city’s
northeastern suburbs can be used by the Ministry of Education for a new high

Council’s Statutory Management voted unanimously to accept the Rototuna
site, near North City Road and bordering land designated for a further extension
of the Waikato Expressway, for educational purposes.

City Planning Unit Manager Robert Hodges said the designation of the land will
be included in the Hamilton City Proposed District Plan. Council has
recommended a number of conditions for the development: including a
landscaping plan, construction of cycleways and pedestrian connections, and a
maximum building height of 15 metres. The Ministry of Education accepted
those conditions, and the designation will lapse in 2016.

Statutory Committee Chairman Councillor John Gower said the designation of
the land resulted from extensive discussions between the Ministry of Education
and Council staff.

“This is a very good outcome for the community, and this provision for a high
school is an important step forward in the development of Hamilton’s fastgrowing northern suburbs,” he said.