Kiwibank targets competitor bank customers with online gaming styled 'Green Ops' campaign on YouTube

Monday 15 August 2011, 10:53AM
By Kiwibank


In keeping with its position as a challenger brand, Kiwibank is launching a cheeky new ‘bank switching’ initiative for consumers today, which is less like a traditional ad campaign and more like a film launch.

Unlike traditional approaches to bank advertising, Kiwibank’s new ‘Easyswitch’ campaign, encouraging consumers to switch to Kiwibank, is focusing primarily around a unique interactive online channel called ‘Green Ops’, with the look and feel of a ‘first-person POV’ styled online game.

Nicky Ashton, Head of Brand & Marketing Communications for Kiwibank, says that the ‘gamification’ approach of the web site aims to provide a richer and more engaging experience for consumers.

“Kiwibank needs to stand out from the competition, so it’s our job to continually find new ways to connect with new customers” says Ms Ashton.

Hosted on a bespoke YouTube channel, the site is built around a loose narrative of an elite team within Kiwibank whose mission it is to help rescue customers from bad banking experiences.

“It’s kind of like ‘Get Smart’ meets the ‘Bourne Identity’, as the Kiwibank ‘Green Ops’ team goes around making it easier for people to switch to Kiwibank. Just one signature and Green Ops will deal with the rest,” says Ms Ashton.

Visitors to the channel can hunt for screen ‘hotspots’ where they will encounter random moments of humour and discovery amidst the pitch for them to switch banks, including some tongue-in-cheek references to Kiwibank’s competitors.

The channel also features a number of interactive elements that will allow users to share their experience with friends via various social media platforms, such as Facebook.

One top secret campaign element will remain under wraps until the 9th of September when a lucky new Kiwibank customer stands to be significantly rewarded.

Ms Ashton says the Green Ops site will be supported by an above-the-line media campaign with all the elements of a blockbuster movie launch, including cinema trailers, movie posters with QR codes, outdoor and dramatic cinema styled voiceovers on radio, online advertising and TV spots, all produced by ad agency Ogilvy.

Teasers for the campaign are running now on radio and outdoor, and the site will go live on Monday 15th August.

To preview the Green Ops site, visit