10 year old boy walks out after getting lost on hunting trip

Sunday 28 August 2011, 9:34PM
By New Zealand Police


At about 1130am on 28/8/11 a 10 year old boy was pig hunting with two adult family members in hill country near Lumsden when he became separated from them.

After failing to locate the boy police were contacted and a search was organised.

In the meantime the boy has walked a considerable distance over rugged terrain and found his way to a dairy farm where police were contacted.

It is estimated that the boy walked 21km and apart from complaining of sore feet was uninjured.

He was well clothed and had food with him and a water bottle which he replenished in creeks along the way.

Although the message is that people should remain where they are if they become lost, the boy showed remarkable resilience for someone of his age.

Any further questions should be directed to Lumsden Police.