Bus commuters to be surveyed

Wednesday 31 August 2011, 5:08PM
By Greater Wellington Regional Council


Bus commuters around the region will be surveyed about their travel habits next week.

Peter Glensor, Chair of Greater Wellington’s Economic Wellbeing Committee, which oversees public transport, says the survey results will help Council staff plan long-term transport needs.

“Our planning staff rely quite heavily on the five-yearly census for information about trends in travel patterns, which areas are growing, which routes are in heavy demand and the like. But of course the census that should have been held earlier this year was put off because of the Christchurch quake. So instead, Council staff will carry out their own mini-census of train and bus users.”

Train passengers were surveyed a few weeks ago.

In the week beginning Monday 5 September, Council surveyors will hand out forms to passengers on some buses in the Wellington suburbs, Hutt Valley and Kapiti. Morning peak hour commuters and those travelling around the middle of the day will be surveyed.

Passengers will be handed a survey form as they get on the bus, complete it on their journey, then give it to staff before they get off. Passengers will be asked where they’re travelling to, which type of ticket they use and some other statistical questions.

“The information will help give planning staff a good understanding of travel patterns, enable them to identify trends and plan for the region’s future public transport needs, so I would encourage bus passengers to help us by filling out the survey form,” says Cr Glensor.