John Key broke the law says ALCP leader

Friday 23 September 2011, 12:37PM
By Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party

Forty trials and over 50 police operations, affected by the Supreme Court ruling on covert surveillance, will not be able to be prosecuted even if a retrospective law change is made, the ALCP claim.

“That is because John Key broke the subjudice laws,” Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party Leader Michael Appleby said.

“Defendants in Operation Lime and other drug cases will be able to successfully argue that their right to a fair trial has been undermined.”

John Key told the media that “very serious criminals” will go free unless the Supreme Court decision is over-ruled.

“John Key has no right to determine whether an accused person is a criminal,” Mr Appleby said.

“Only a Judge or Jury can determine criminality.

“Those 40 cases should have their charges dropped once they raise John Key's breach of the subjudice law in court.”