Funding Application Open Again....

Saturday 24 September 2011, 6:07PM
By Raji Singh


<p><br /> PAPATOETOE COMMUNITY REMINDED<br /> <br /> The St George Charitable Trust wants to remind community groups and organisations based in Papatoetoe that applications for the current funding round are open on 1st Ocober 2011 and close on November 1 2011.<br /> <br /> The St George Charitable Trust is advising community groups and organisations working in and for the Papatoetoe community to apply for funding.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Chairman Raghbir Singh said &ldquo;Application forms can be downloaded from the web site and the trust has been working very hard.&rdquo;<br /> <br /> Raghbir Singh wanted to remind groups that the Trust has very strong guidelines about who will be approved for funding and suggested all interested groups get a copy of the Grants Policies and Procedures form which outlines in detail the relevant requirements. &ldquo;We want to ensure these funds are benefiting the Papatoetoe Community, and as such applications from further afield will not be approved,&rdquo; he said.<br /> <br /> Application forms are now available from either the Papatoetoe Library or by emailing or our website as below.<br /> <br /> <br /> Raghbir Singh <br /> Chairman, St George Charitable Trust </p> <p><br /> 021 449065<br /> <br /> Gail Absolum - Vice Chair<br /> Michael Clatworthy - Trustee<br /> Pam Walford - Trustee&nbsp;</p>