Barking Mad for Technology

Monday 26 September 2011, 9:33AM
By Dog Guru

On Friday evening the finalists were announced for the National David awards which is a national small business competition for small businesses who punch above their weight. Dog Guru was announced as a finalist for using technology in business to move forward.

Simon Goodall Director of Dog Guru says that "This is a huge achievement for us as this is the first time we have entered a competition like this. We entered the technology category because we are using technology in our business to drive up not only our sales but also our training. Our trainers and behaviourists are required to take not only training with other staff but they also have a online training component. This is one of the first in the world when it comes to Dog Training. It has enabled us as a small company with remote staff to stay in touch when training staff. In addition to this we also teamed up with Kinetics IT who came up with a plan of using the Microsoft Cloud Software. This has transformed the way our staff interact. We have a well used intranet site to stay in touch and all our staff have weekly meetings. Whether it is a committee for our newsletters or simply to go over the past week it has drastically brought down our IT costs. In addition to this we have also transformed our website to make it easier for people to see when we run our training classes and more. We are excited about this award and has made us proud to be in the finals for this award."

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