Council customers are asked for more feedback

Monday 10 October 2011, 1:57PM
By CTMA New Zealand Ltd

This week CTMA launches its fifth annual customer experience study of consent and inspection services. Customers who have obtained Resource Consents, Building Consents and Building Inspection services during 2011 are being asked to give feedback about the service they received from their council.

Each year since the annual study began in 2007, feedback from hundreds of homeowners, builders, architects and other building professionals has helped participating councils prioritise their work to improve their services.

"Many councils have made significant investments to improve their consent and inspection processes, but they can't do it on their own." explains Paul Linnell, CTMA's managing director. "Councils need feedback from the customers of these important services to find out what they are doing well and where they might improve. These services can have a significant impact on the outcome of a building project, and councils need to hear what's gone well and what's gone wrong so they can focus their attention on what to fix".

During the past four years, the study has helped participating councils to almost halve the percentage of customers who experience problems with the building consent process. "This has dramatically increased customer satisfaction at these councils and customers' support for the council's role helping them to comply with building regulations" Linnell explains. "Over the past four years the study shows that customer satisfaction at participating councils had improved at more than twice the rate of other councils."

"There is still work to be done, but this valuable feedback from customers can really make a difference".

Individuals and organisations throughout New Zealand who have obtained Resource Consent, Building Consent or Building Inspection Services during the past 12 months are invited to take part in the 2011 study. All they need to do is to provide their feedback about their experiences via the online questionnaire at:

All responses are confidential and respondents will not be asked for any personally identifiable information.

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CTMA is a service quality improvement firm that provides a range of consulting and customer experience measurement services to help organisations identify sources of customer dissatisfaction, prioritise remedial actions and improve their service to customers. CTMA has been working with individual councils in New Zealand since 2002 to develop cost-effective management tools to monitor and support the ongoing management of customer processes such as requests for service, consent applications and inspection services. In addition to its client-specific services, CTMA also conducts benchmarking and best-practice studies to help public and private sector organisations improve customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.

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