When Is A Crack Not A Crack?

Thursday 13 October 2011, 6:14PM
By Kaipara District Council

To the untrained eye the pool looks undamaged. This is because after pumping ground water away from the pool site, the pool has settled to within 8mm of its build level. The crack in the stressed floor has rejoined and disappeared.

Kauri Coast Community Pool Trust Chairperson Vern Stevens said “I walked in and the water was level. I thought, “They have put water in it so it doesn’t look so bad”. You can imagine my surprise when on closer investigation the crack had disappeared, levelling the bottom of the pool and the water that remained in it.”

The relief on the faces of all those involved was evident. Chief Executive, Jack McKerchar acknowledged those who leapt into action saying, “All those who rallied around to address the problem are to be thanked for their prompt and professional approach to what was looking like a major disaster for the Trust, the community and the pool.”

Community Spaces Manager, Thomas Patterson said “It is quite likely that when the pool is filled it will level out even more and return to its build level. This is the consensus of all parties including the engineer and construction company. Hydrostatic pressure appears to have been the culprit. Investigations will continue into what cause this so it doesn’t happen again but it looks likely that the pool will be able to open much quicker than we had been thinking earlier in the week.”

It is planned to pressure test the services and seal the now non-crack should it require it while normal pre-season maintenance is continuing concurrently.

The pool will open as planned albeit a week or two later than anticipated.