Maintenance Forces Temporary Shutdown of Water Main In Kerikeri

Monday 31 October 2011, 3:13PM
By Far North District Council


A maintenance shutdown of part of the reticulated water network in Kerikeri will leave some homes and businesses without water during the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Transfield Services is turning off part of the water main on Kerikeri Road at 11.59 pm tomorrow night (Tuesday, November 1) so a new fire main can be added to the network.

Transfield expects water to be off until about 4am while staff complete the works and flush dirty water from the pipes.

Households and eight businesses on Kerikeri Road between Ranui Avenue and the Hobson Avenue roundabout will be without water during the shutdown.

Homes in Ranui Avenue, Aranga Road, Canon Drive, Oakridge Drive and Butler Road will also be without water.

Other homes and businesses in Kerikeri may experience a loss of water pressure during the shutdown.

Transfield is carrying out the work in the middle of the night to minimise the impact on businesses and households, but apologises for any inconvenience caused.