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Ryan Manson proposed to Pia Parker in Dreamliner cockpit. Ryan Manson proposed to Pia Parker in Dreamliner cockpit. CREDIT: Air New Zealand
Pia said yes! Pia said yes! CREDIT: Air New Zealand
The happy couple. The happy couple. CREDIT: Air New Zealand

Marriage Proposal Goes Off Without A Hitch In Dreamliner Cockpit

Tuesday 15 November 2011, 1:36PM
By Air New Zealand


The Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner has just departed Auckland International Airport signalling the end of its first visit to New Zealand, but not before one young man proposed to his girlfriend in the aircraft’s cockpit.

In front of Air New Zealand and Boeing staff and more than 100 strangers onsite at the time to see the 787, Aucklander Ryan Manson yesterday afternoon proposed to his girlfriend Pia Parker while they sat in the two pilot seats.

Pia said yes.

Ryan and Pia announced their engagement via Air New Zealand’s twitter account, which has been awash with messages of congratulations since, including:

  • Congrats! *Gettin' teary-eyed*... So cute! :)
  • CONGRATULATIONS!!! Talk about a memorable proposal!!! :)
  • that has to be the best place to ever propose