Dargaville, Northland - Serious crime investigation

Friday 13 January 2012, 8:32AM
By New Zealand Police


Dargaville Police are investigating how a 61year old Dargaville male, Christopher EDWARDS, came to be in hospital with a life threatening head injury.

Detective Inspector Malthus, Northland Police Crime Manager states that Ambulance staff were called to a West Coast Road, Te Kopuru address at about 7pm last night, Wednesday 11th January 2012 when occupants could not wake Mr Edwards and attending ambulance staff found him to be suffering from a head injury of unknown cause.

Mr Edwards was taken from Dargaville hospital to Whangarei hospital where his injuries were assessed as critical and life threatening and Police were called when medical staff could not account for what had caused his injury advises Ms Malthus.

Mr Edwards was flown to Auckland hospital and underwent surgery to relieve pressure on his brain, and a CAT scan revealed a skull fracture. He remains in a critical condition advises Ms Malthus.

Ms Malthus further advises that enquiries with the occupants of the house reveal that Mr Edwards was involved recently in an altercation and one occupant has been arrested and charged with assault. Ms Malthus advises that Police are speaking with the other occupants of the house in an effort to understand what occurred and how Mr Edwards received his injuries.

The dwelling has been secured by Police and the ESR and Police have commenced a forensic examination of the dwelling. Police have also commenced an area canvass seeking information from neighbours and people in the area and Ms Malthus states that Police are likely to be in the area over the next few days as the enquiry progresses states Ms Malthus.